Text Box: Colusa Regional Medical Center (CRMC) participated in a         Community Health Needs Assessment Process administrated by the National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center) in Duluth, Minnesota. This process included the development and distribution of a stratified, random sample mailed community health needs survey, facilitation of focus groups and analysis of secondary data. These methods enabled CRMC the opportunity to listen and        respond to the health needs of the community. Results of the     assessment findings were used to identify local health priorities and establish health goals and an action plan for the purposes of: 
· Improving overall community health
· Promoting collaboration and partnerships within Colusa and the surrounding area to address top community health needs
· Improving communication across health sectors 
· Creating awareness of the comprehensive, high quality health care services available locally
· Reinforcing a commitment to the people of Colusa and the surrounding area that their health is the hospital’s top priority
In response to the community health needs assessment, CRMC has developed goals to extend primary care services, engage in community outreach and develop community collaborations.

Text Box: Top Community   Health Concerns:
1. Alcohol/substance abuse
2. Obesity
3. Diabetes

Text Box: Criteria for a Healthy Community:
1. Access to health care
2. Good jobs & a health economy
3. Healthy behaviors & lifestyles

Text Box:  Ideas for Improving Access to care:
1. More primary care providers
2. More specialists
3. Improved quality of care

Text Box: Summary of Assessment Findings

Text Box: Community Health

Text Box: Colusa Regional
Medical Center

Text Box: Community Health 
Needs Assessment

Text Box: Colusa, California —  March 2013

Text Box: Special points of interest:
· Most utilized health care facility in the region for: hospital and      primary care 
· Overall Quality of Care was rated Good to Excellent 
· Respondents    recognize the    economic impact of health services on the well-being of the community
· 47% (n=63/134)of respondents rate their level of    personal health as “healthy” 
NOTE:  If any member of our community would like to see the full report, please stop by hospital administration or call us at (530) 458-5821